Special Skills

  • Being Eko's version of The Stig
  • Combining biscuits to create entirely new ones
  • Using every inch of a whiteboard

Fox Geere - Operations Director

I'm not saying I'm Batman. I'm just saying no one has ever seen me and Batman in the same room together.

All About Fox

Fox has over a decade of experience developing and implementing online business strategies for big name brands across the UK, Europe and USA. These include Filofax, Kyocera, Carluccio's and Haven Holidays. He started out as a flash designer & developer doing work for large London and global companies such as FILMFOUR, Disney and The BAFTA awards. He also had a hand in work for films like Snatch and smaller productions such as This Filthy Earth produced by Channel 4 / FILMFOUR. Fox works as a consultant and project manager to ensure any online development plans promote best practice, primarily to help them drive traffic, analyse behaviour and increase return rates from their online presence With a deep understanding of all project roles including development, design and marketing he has the perfect knowledge set to ensure every project is defined correctly and implemented precisely, whilst always ensuring goals are kept in focus to deliver a successful project. He moved to a new job with a view to having a similar role, but as time passed he moved away from flash and started working on static and dynamic websites. Client demand for search engine optimisation was at a very early stage so it fell on him to incorporate that into the other work that I was doing at the time. Soon search engine optimisation was a full time job in itself and he became dedicated to optimising websites and working out the intricacies of the search engines on a day to day basis. Back then you could rank in the top spot within a day. These days you can get those positions via social media and new content but that’s an entire training course and set of blog posts in itself. Much like his earlier transition, he started doing more account management and consulting work as the online marketing aspects tied into most other areas of most online businesses. This gave Fox a fantastic 'big picture' view of many businesses and how they worked, enabling him to grow a number of additional skills. So who has he worked with? Over the years he has personally done work either as an individual or as part of a company / group for Disney, Buena Vista, FILMFOUR, BAFTA Awards, Filofax, Carluccios, Luigi’s, Urban Industry, Anova Books, Eco Connect, Bath University and Letts to name a few. Since then to this current day he's always been either launching his own projects or helping others grow theirs. That in itself has afforded him opportunities to work and be around some of the biggest names in technology and online business and is fundamental to what he brings to Eko on a daily basis.