Eko UK Limited

Our Mission

Words mean nothing unless you act upon them

It's easy to throw together a cliche mission statement that rattles off some expected words that propose to send a warm tingly feeling. It's not easy however, to convey just how much more our mission means to us than most. Hopefully the below explanation will go some way towards that until such time as we can meet you face to face and really animate just how much it drives us.

Work doesn't exist

In the typical fashion work does indeed exist so don't panic... or do depending on how much you enjoy your own work. We at Eko do what many would describe as work, however for us it's a lifestyle. Everything we do ties in tightly to our passions just as much as our skills. The way we interact as a team but most importantly with clients is unique in the 'working' world. You only need to check out our testimonials to get some idea of the relationships we build and the impact we have on our clients.

So what are we out to do?

  • Build amazing things
  • Build for our clients and for ourselves
  • To have fun doing so while remaining professional so as to deliver exceptional work
  • We aim to improve the situation of every client we work with
  • We aim to be the best 'agency' by never becoming a typical 'agency'
  • To play ping pong at least once a day
  • To innovate, teach and share. We even go and talk to others to do this.
If you really want to know just how much we are driven by the love of what we do then you should get in touch with us. Ask us questions and get a first hand impression of just how different (for the better) we are. Come join our passion » 
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