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A perfect blend of professionalism and personality

At Eko we have an ever growing team of experts that bring bags of knowledge and exceptionally high level skill sets to ensure that everything we craft is remarkable. We also believe that it is just as important to foster a team that brings with it personality and character to both the workplace and the work that we produce. Perhaps you'd even like to invite us to talk at an event or give a presentation.
Tonya KayActress

I had already dumped a thousand bucks into the re-design of my site with another designer and dropped the project because they couldn't deliver. I'm an artist and intellect and I had a very specific vision for my http://tonyakay.com site. After all, I am the product my site is "selling" and therefore I have a large emotional and professional investment in the final.

Having been burned already in this re-design process, I wanted to make sure that my next designers could live up to their pitch. And I'm sure, from EKOUK's perspective, there is nothing more disconcerting than having an already-unsatisfied client turn her head your way.

I needed a site that stayed human: in graphic design, navigation flow, social interaction and updatability - I'm not packaged in plastic and neither should my online presence be. So we took a Skype meeting, EKOUK and I - since I live in Los Angeles, CA, USA and they in England! These are tough hurdles to get past, but immediately after our first Skype meeting, I felt secure that they were the full package. They understood my needs artistically, professionally and technically and from that moment on, I placed my full trust in our ability to communicate the intricacies of the perfect website via email and Skype exclusively.

EKOUK customized the Anan template for me on a WordPress backend. We migrated five years of my Blogger journal over to WP as well (formatting issues with this - be warned). All my dynamic content is fed in from outside sources, maximizing my social network and making updates a breeze for me (for example, my videos are fed in from Youtube, my stills are fed in from Picasa, my itinerary is fed in from iCal and there is a Twitter feed on almost every side bar). I couldn't be happier with the graphic design - it's classy, organic, flowing and human. And we coordinated it all via email and Skype - impressing me with the entire process, except perhaps the foreign exchange rates.

Best of all, this team has personality and humor and I actually enjoyed our Skype meetings and looked forward to the design collaboration - the EKOUK team is COOL. My website is gorgeous, clear, yummy and so easy to update that it remains a joy to take over administration. For me, web design is imperative to my career and public life. Finding the right design team is like finding the right mechanic; you make some expensive mistakes and suffer some inferior craftsmanship before you finally find the right one. And when you do find the right one, you never let them go. I've found the right web design team. My experience is flamboyantly satisfactory. And they provide outstanding maintenance support, too. Hold on to the EKOUK gem!

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