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We are the 'app for that'

Think of the apps that you use on a daily basis. Perhaps social apps like Facebook and Twitter, or apps for productivity such as email, instagram and camera applications. Indeed you may also simply play mobile games when time gives you that fleeting chance to do so. Developing successful or indeed useful applications is more involved than just having the next great idea. There are a host of technical specifications and constraints to be accounted for, not to mention the coding knowledge and artwork skill required to combine all elements. Our work on mobile projects for clients combined with an unending thirst for the latest technology and information has carved ourselves a great position in the mobile application space. A position from which we are able to advise and develop your mobile applications with the skill and direction needed to ensure they fit your requirements perfectly, if not better than originally intended.

You need to bite more than just an Apple

While there is no arguing that Apple and it's iPhones are leading the pack when it comes to device adoption and usage  there are  still a significant portion of users that choose to go with a variety of Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones for their personal and business needs. At Eko we are careful to consider your ideas and requirements against the best fit platforms. This may mean developing for platforms you hadn't originally considered or it may mean dropping a platform entirely as the numbers simply don't add up. Our development ensures multiple code bases and end-user testing requirements are all considered appropriately and fully. We provide ongoing development and support to grow your projects and indeed relish taking your ideas and evolving them for tablet and desktop platforms. Sometimes, the best way to start is to test, we may suggest a mobile version of your website to begin with.  Evaluating how users interact with your content and how many are trying to access it using mobile devices provides valuable understanding of the end users profile.

Removing the guesswork

Data provides information which imparts knowledge and leads to wisdom ensuring right decisions are made for the right reasons.  If you'd like to find out how we can help you build or evolve a mobile application, drop us a line. Get in touch with us now » 
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