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Effortless membership management that fits your business

If you’ve had to manage members or customers with regular payments, different payment plans, multiple tier options, bespoke discounts, cancellations and all the other tiny details that come with any membership system then you have some sense of the pain we are well versed at taking away leaving you with time and member admin zen.

Eko cloud technology architects have decades of experience dealing with all manner of membership systems. From custom built application forms and platforms with payment gateway to off the shelf WordPress solutions configured for each business case.

If you need help assessing an existing system, wish to plan something brand new, or just add improvements to your current service, Eko has the experience to guide you.

What our clients say

Michael FaberInstitute of Operational RiskVice-Chairman

Eko UK built us a member site that not only delivers the front end in an attractive and compelling manner, it provides backend processes to manage the complex workflow of our membership applications. Eko UK worked night and day to deliver above and beyond the brief .

Robert HokinecoConnect CICChief Executive

One word: outstanding. I don't give out that accolade often. But Eko has always delivered to ecoConnect great technical and commercial acumen, ahead-of-the-curve strategic advice and excellent service delivery. I wholly and enthusiastically recommend them.

How We Work With You

Planning Your Membership Platform


If you're taking your first steps to building a membership system, wanting to extend and improve what you have or looking at how to break free from something that currently provides nothing but nightmares, Eko can help you.

We might argue that our favourite part of the entire membership system process is planning. It offers great excitement along with wonderful clarity on how best to approach your membership platform that fits your needs. Our programming team may disagree of course as their favourite part is the building (which we can also help with) but we find that when we meet with you and plan exactly how all your ‘wins’ can come to light that it can be quite liberating, refreshing and reaffirming.

Some of the things to consider when planning a membership system:

Member Profile Types Payment Methods Accounting Integrations
User Roles Payment Processes System Integrations
Admin Processes Renewal Methods Documentation
Member Processes Renewal Processes Reporting & Tools
Security /  Data Protection Backup Management Disaster Recover
Design and Forms Multimedia Content Future Proofing

… and so much more. These are just some of the things to consider at the planning stage

There are lots of things to consider and Eko guide you through every step as part of our membership planning workshops. We’ll identify your member profiles, user types, process flows, accounting integrations, renewal methods and much more to remove the risk and offer a clean plan of execution. Even if you decide to take development elsewhere or in-house, you’ll be armed with the very best advice and guidance before making a costly mistake.

Building Your Membership Platform

Building a membership system tends to follow two approaches. You can either configure ‘off the shelf’ software to fit your requirements or we can code a bespoke solution that perfectly fits your processes.

Quite often we also deal with customers who already have a membership platform they are happy with but wish to make some adjustments or extensions to the member system to account for new member types, processes or software integrations among other reasons.

At Eko we recommend the ‘configure’ or ‘code’ approach depending on the exact requirements, budget and overall business objectives. If you’re just starting a new membership offering it could be wiser to ‘proof of concept’ an off the shelf solution that covers the main priorities using a selection of plugins and templates before coding something more bespoke in the future once revenue is being generated. Ultimately the decision will be yours but we work closely with you to evaluate the options and make appropriate recommendations.

Regardless of the chosen approach our cloud technology specialists can help you develop, test and roll out your membership offering. Be that brand new or an extension of an existing system. We always implement a staging environment where testing can take place too.

Besides the logic and process aspects we can also work with you on the design and business side of your membership system. This primarily focuses on user flows, calls to action, marketing calls and user support but ultimately covers every aspect of the business and user side of the membership platform.

Supporting Your Membership Platform

You may already have a membership system in place or you may develop one with us, whatever the case we can support you and your members with the technical and business needs that come with running a membership platform.

All membership platforms come with users who will lose their passwords, use an ‘odd’ browser or have general technical issues. Rather than leave you to support them we can white label a support help desk that allows us to act on your behalf and help your members with their technical questions… leaving you free to focus on the business side.

Your company will grow and increase the member base as time goes on. With that comes new requirements and technical considerations to solve. Eko can work alongside you to ensure your growth is supported and your membership platform goes from strength to strength. We’ll also help you report on your growth and make sure you continue to get a return on your investment.

Eko UK offers ongoing and ad-hoc support options too so we can typically work to any schedule and budget. This ensures you’re always supported and your members benefit from a best in class experience and a wonderful relationship with your business.

Have a Project In Mind?

We can help you plan, build and support your membership platform of any size. Grab a tea and get in touch for a friendly chat about your membership system needs. call 01273 455 706 | email us
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