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icrosoft just can’t seem to keep their secrets. First we hear Windows Phone 7 has a possible leaked release date of October 2010, the new XBOX 360 slim was leaked by an Italian flash ad, and now Windows 8 details have been leaked by Microsoft’s PC maker partners. Let’s just break down the new Windows 8 details into a short list shall we? APP STORE Think iPhone App store or Android Marketplace but with a Microsoft twist. Rumored to be named Windows Store. I’m curious if this is cross platform with Windows Phone 7, and maybe 360 support? INTERNET EXPLORER 9 Included with Windows 7 will be Microsoft’s next generation browser. After looking thru the new tech demos for IE 9 I admit I’m not really excited for this. It still feels like they are playing catch up with Firefox and Chrome. A leaked release date of August 2010 was seen. However browsers are personal, try the demo here: http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/ WINDOWS LIVE WAVE 5 The only real details are it will ship with Windows 8. The Windows Live Wave 4 beta is available now, SYNC is a big improvement. Try it here: http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-beta WINDOWS 8 RELEASE DATE Currently Microsoft is aiming for a mid-2012 release, which leads to estimates of a first beta mid-2011, and a public beta late 2011. PC FORM FACTORS Microsoft sees the market in three categories, “Lap PC”, “Workhorse PC”, and ”Family Hub PC”. Pretty similar to the market now. TAILORED WEB APPLICATIONS Web based apps are one of if not the fastest growing software provider formats. Microsoft hopes to easily integrate this into Windows 8 and the Windows APP Store. HUMAN PRESENCE SENSORS (Kinect) This is really exciting… well at least potentially. The GUI in Minority Report has had geeks dying for the wave my hands like a Jedi option for years. Kinect might just give us that. The Kinect experience on the 360 will go a long way to prove the concept, but having your PC log you in by scanning your face and locking when you leave the room sounds nice. All in all it is still too early to make any judgment on these new features, but I’m glad to see some attempts at renovating the Windows flagship OS. There are many more features than the ones I have listed here, if you would like a full tear down of the leaked documents check out Paul Thurrott’s site here: http://www.winsupersite.com/win7/win8_leak.aspzp8497586rq

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