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f your store uses Magento you may have discovered a number of limitations with the built in shipping module. We think the Web Shop Apps Product Matrix Magento Extension is the best solution to these problems:-

UK Specific Problem 1 - Highlands and Islands

Delivery to the UK Highlands and Islands is more expensive and can only be differentiated by specific postcode ranges which are:- FK18, FK19, HS1-HS9, IM, IOM, IV1-IV28, IV30-IV32,IV36,IV40-49, IV51-IV56, IV63, KA27,KA28,KW1-KW17, PA20,PA23-PA38, PA40-PA49,PA60-PA78, PA87,PA88,PH17-PH26, PH30-PH44,PH49, PH50, PO30-PO41, ZE1-ZE3, JE, GY. The Magento shipping table although apparently allowing for postcode options does not correctly match these postcodes.

Global Problem 2 - Different Package types

Some products may be fragile and require different packaging or delivery costs.  Some sites work around this problem by increasing the declared weight of the item pushing it up into a higher band but this is not an ideal or scalable solution.   We may need to send fragile items via UPS but use Royal Mail for standard packages.  There is no way the Mage shipping table deal with multiple couriers and inform the buyer when their goods can be expected.

Global Problem 3 - Different Customer Groups

Retail and trade customers may well need different rates.  Again, Mage has no capability out of the box. There are many other scenarios including drop shipping which can be problematic but all these problems are easily resolved...

The Solution Web Shop Apps Product Matrix

This Magento extension allows you to create a CSV file specifying different shipping rates for Postcodes,  products, customer groups,  price ranges or quantities of products.  Just about any shipping scenario is covered with this module.  We also found their support to be excellent.  Totally worth the money. zp8497586rq

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