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Together Geeks & Creatives can change the world

People working together can move mountains. Get geeks and creatives working together and we can change the world. Freelance techies and creatives can make a perfectly decent living working from home. It isn't a dynamic way to work, or an inspiring one, or even a fun one, but it works. To a degree. Because it soon becomes apparent that the more dynamic and successful these individuals are, they sooner they find this way of working limiting. Same clients, same type of work, and learning new stuff is kept to a minimum. Which means working this way soon becomes stifling, repetitive and, well, rather boring. And it isn't about the money. It’s more a case of wanting - needing - to work in an environment that crackles with energy. Creates great ideas. Solves the unsolvable. And lets you enjoy doing it. And this ends up as being better for the client, too. An OK idea gets bounced around and becomes a great one. One answer becomes a complete solution. Answering the brief can mean a mass of sharp, targeted ideas that blow everyone away. OK, so working together works. But what next? How can we bring this talent together? And where can we do it? The answer is our new offering, The Sussex E-business Centre in Shoreham. A place where individuals with specific talents can work in our new office space and remain independent, or work together in small teams if their project demands it. People can now share ideas. Pass on contacts. Learn off each other and even employ each other. Already we’ve seen friendships develop and partnerships forged. And clients are experiencing a fresh, dynamic, positive environment where there is a rich concentration of talent. And they like the fact we have a board room / meeting room, a professional video/photographic studio and a games room. Already the centre is bearing fruit with several of us in talks regarding some highly lucrative contracts brought in through this new networking initiative. We’re working individually and as a team. We’re all working more productively. And we’re all liking it. If you would like to find out more about joining our office space, or to see what we could do for your business, call Guy on 0844 357 4200 or Lee on 01273 455706 We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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