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Membership Management – Case Study

The Institute of Operational Risk is a professional body with a global membership base.  Eligibility for membership requires applicants to satisfy a range of criteria, upload a CV, provide 2 referees and then must be reviewed by 2 senior members of the IOR.  This manual application process was time consuming and costly. Eko UK Ltd conducted a systems analysis, documented the workflow then designed and built a completely bespoke system, tailored exactly to the IOR's requirements.  Extensive custom coding provides automation from application through to payment, member communications and ongoing annual subscription renewals. IOR members have benefited from a streamlined application process and the Institute is able to more easily manage a larger membership with less administrative overhead freeing up resources to provide extra benefits to the members. Michael Faber from the IOR says: "Eko UK built us a member site that not only delivers the front end in an attractive and compelling manner, it provides backend processes to manage the complex workflow of our membership applications. Eko UK worked night and day to deliver above and beyond the brief" Features and Benefits
  • Simplified automated application process with advanced form validation to improve data accuracy
  • Significantly reduced application processing time and lower costs
  • Application reviewers given limited access login to approve or reject applications
  • Automated subscription renewal reminders
  • PDF invoices created and emailed automatically to reduce admin overhead
  • Automated recording of electronic payments
  • Improved visibility of overdue accounts
  • 50 editable e-mail templates to improve communication with members
  • Integrated member communication delivers improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Higher member retention rate
  • Enhanced data visualisation with dynamic graphs and reports
  • Members personal data and CV's stored securely
  • Dedicated Virtual Private Server for fast access
  • Members allocated to Local chapters
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