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At EKO we believe it is fundamental to truly understand our customers business and its products..   After all if you don’t know your clients' product, and all its eccentricities, how can you conduct authentic marketing and promotion ? The United Nations is one of our esteemed customers. But this week we decided it was a little beyond our capacity to take a deep dive into figuring out how to best help restore a country after violent conflict.  So we searched for a lesser challenge. A little wimpy I know, but it is a week bracketed with bank holidays here in the UK. Two very successful sites we built for Kate Magic www.katesmagicbubble.com and www.rawliving.eu sell and promote a Raw diet.  An eccentric  proposition but packed with lots of yummy and beneficial things to explore.  As most of us in the office over did it last weekend, we took on the task of researching some of Kate's culinary creations. Kate's book is 'Eat Smart Eat Raw' and this recipe for Raw Thai Soup is in the section 'Detox recipes for a high energy diet' So maybe if we keep eating this well we will have the strength to take on world peace next week. Then again next week holds yet another Bank holiday, maybe the week after.

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