Kates Magic Bubble

Eko have built two websites for me, and on both occasions the work has been outstanding. They have become fully involved with each project, making me feel that this isn't just another job for them, but they really care about the success of my business. I love their transparency: to a non-techy person it is very easy to wonder how this behind the scenes stuff takes so long, but they document everything clearly so you can easily understand actually how involved these issues are. I also love their virtually 24-hr service! As a night owl myself, there has been more then one occasion where I have got stuck with something in the middle of the night, and been so grateful to be able to get help more or less instantly. In my experience web designers are notoriously difficult to pin down as to what how and when they are doing work. Plus when things go wrong it is hard to get support. Eko break the mould! I recommend them highly. Sent from my Extremely Magical iPad.