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Website Audit / Review

How much do you really know about your website?

Over the years we've reviewed thousands of websites either as part of a project or as a standalone service for clients and partners. This wealth of experience lets us rapidly identify key areas of any website that can be changed or improved with a view to increasing sales, the customer experience and overall revenue. Reasons you might want a website review:
  • You want to increase sales / customers / leads
  • You want to know how to further build your online properties
  • You want to check you are doing things correctly
  • You want to ensure that your branding and messaging is working well
  • You need to check if your social profiles are working effectively
  • You need a spot check of your site before an advertising campaign
  • You need to be sure you’re not falling foul of any guidelines (disability, advertising, can-spam, privacy, data protection act etc)
  • You want to be certain that you site is presented to the search engines in the best way
  • You want a concise document detail ‘next steps’ for your website

It's more than just design

Our website audits cover far more than just the look and feel of your site. We include:
  • One-to-one discussion (on/offline) to establish key business drivers and goals
  • Review of user interface and user experience paths on the site
  • A check to see that basic systems are installed (e.g. stats)
  • Social media review to check / recommend opportunities in social media
  • Conversion process review and suggestions
  • Review of brand consistency and messaging
  • Research and review of website content
  • Search engine positioning review
  • Search engine rankings check
  • Competitor check for content, design and search standings
  • Many other factors unique to each site and company
Every single review is finished off with a personalised document being delivered with a list of actionable changes and recommendations. The document also highlights things that you are doing right and should look to build upon alongside other potential changes. Alternatively if you would like to discuss a review of your website in more detail and have us give you a full run down on the security of your website then please do get in touch.

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