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It’s no longer just about the technology

Building and developing a productive e-commerce site requires more than programming and pictures, it requires business expertise, solid online marketing experience and an entrepreneurial culture.

The team at Eko craft e-retailing applications that are efficient and user friendly to satisfy your e-commerce requirements from small shops up to the largest and most complex of systems.

Direct revenue is just one factor

Our e-commerce stores are complemented by creative and considered design that goes toward optimising your site, increasing online revenue, harmonising your processes and transforming your e-commerce site into a successful income generating engine.

It’s worth keeping in mind that while direct end-to-end conversions are paramount to an online stores success,  the relationship you build with your customers is just as important. You must ensure that your overall online presence is also well taken care of. Attention should be given to messaging and communications via email, direct relationship building with your customers via social networks and even mobile campaigns. We work with you to ensure that all aspects are considered when approaching the development or re-development of an online store.

Build on a powerful base that can grow with you

Depending on budget and functional requirements Eko utilises different systems. In many cases Magento e-commerce is the ideal platform of choice offering rapid development and a comprehensive back-end administration panel ensuring you have full control over your store, content, products, sales and all the other critical aspects involved. We are dedicated to ensuring you have  control over the elements you desire. Take a look at the full feature list here (links to magento website in new window) or watch a quick overview video below.

We are Magento Experts

We welcome the opportunity of understanding and sharing your business goals and working with you to surpass them. Drop us a line or ask us to give you a call here.

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