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Your Online Presence

Being 'online' is no longer just about just 'being'

You have to connect and engage with your audience in a way that meets their expectations. That means...
  • They can follow you how they like, be that facebook, email, mobile, twitter, youtube or any of the other many paths to you and what you have to offer
  • What you offer has to 'just work'
  • You must remove the guess work from how people interact with you
  • Provide a smooth end-to-end experience that leaves users feeling positive and confident in their decision to use you
  • You must form a relationship with your end users and customers
  • It is not enough to 'SHOUT' information at users, you must converse with them, understand their needs and deliver exactly what they want in the way that they want.
Eko is staffed by technology professionals working on the above points - and more. On a daily basis we interact and learn from countless websites, clients and clients' customers keeping our knowledge fresh, cutting edge, relevant and on-point. A benefit of working with us here at Eko is that all our knowledge becomes yours. We are not in the market for 'drive-by' projects which we hand over and never touch again. We practice what we preach and as such we make a point of building a strong, confident and lasting relationship with every one of our clients.

So what kind of relationship can we build together?

With so many options available these days it can be hard to know 'how' you should appear online. Should you be running a brochure website? An online e-commerce store? A web based application or software? Perhaps you have one of these already but need some help getting the word out and building your social media and marketing relationships? Whatever your requirements, we have the perfect team to realise them. Need a fantastic looking website? We can build that for sure Need an online e-commerce store? We've built plenty of those Need a bespoke piece of web based software? Yep, we've done some really nice work there Get in touch with us now » 
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